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One can read a lot about the Orient nowadays. But, as everyone knows, the most important thing is not to write 'about', but 'what' and 'how'.

Oriental Collection is a serious magazine that combines scholarly and popular approaches, and therefore we see our reader as a thoughtful person. The editors always strive to combine scholarly accuracy, novelty, and popular style.

Oriental Collection comprises essays on history and culture, new translations and travel accounts, reviews of new books, information on Web sites that contain Orient-related information. The magazine is rich in colourful illustrations.

Oriental Collection is available for purchase and for subscription in Russia and internationally. Please contact the Editors regarding the terms of international subscription.

Two thirds of Russian Federation is situated in Asia, and many peoples that are traditionally considered as being Oriental, belong to indigenous population of Russia. Islam and Buddhism are religions that took roots in Russia long ago. Russia's nearest neighbours are the ancient civilizations of the Orient. Thus, knowing the Orient is at the same time gaining self-knowledge, search for cultural identity and our own history.

We make Orient accessible to everyone who is interested. Welcome to our Web site and to the pages of our magazine.

Alexander Poleschuk, Editor-in-Chief

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